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About Us

Stainless Tubular Products (STP), a specialty stainless steel tubing and pipe supplier, was founded in 1979 in a 2,000-square foot facility in the Bronx, New York. The company was created with the vision of filling a major void in an industry that lacked a large specialized inventory of stainless steel pipe and tubing, as well as quality service. Initially, STP sold its stainless steel products to the area's local fabricators.

Over the next two years, STP continued its growth, expanded its sales of stainless steel pipe and tubing to the Northeastern states, and increased its facility to 25,000 square feet.  In early 1984, through the company's ongoing quest to service its customers, STP moved its entire operation to a more strategic location in Northern New Jersey.  In December 2008, through the acquisition by TW Metals, STP became a part of the O'Neal Industries family of companies, the largest family-owned metals service center network in the United States. STP provides its stainless steel pipe, stainless tubing and related products to a nationwide customer base of metal fabricators as well as full-line metal distributors. STP is now one of the nation's largest stainless steel suppliers and features an immense inventory of nickel alloy, tubing, pipe, fittings and hollow bar.

Although a full-line stainless steel tubing, pipe, fitting and flange supplier, STP's specialty continues to be Ornamental/Mechanical Tubing, maintaining the largest, most diversified inventory in the country. From our in-house polishing department, any of our products can be polished to standard as well as custom finishes of various satins. STP also maintains a production cutting department. We can provide one cut piece to thousands of cuts on one of our various abrasive, band saw or cold saws. 

STP is a growth-oriented company, providing exceptional quality and service with competitive pricing on all of our stainless steel products. We take pride in our employees, products and service, all of which have contributed to years of growth. This philosophy has earned us a solid reputation for excellence within our industry. STP is a part of the O’Neal Family of Companies, the nation's largest family-owned network of metals service centers and component and tube manufacturing businesses.