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custom stainless steel polishes services

What is Stainless Steel Polishing?

Stainless Steel polishing, often referred to as metal polishing, is the process of smoothing the surface of a fabricated piece of metal such as pipes, sheets, angles, fittings, etc. This is often the final phase metal or other material goes through before it's used for its intended purpose.

Why Do I Need My Steel Polished?

Aside from giving your product a sleek, shiny appearance, it can also benefit the overall integrity of your stainless steel. Polishing stainless steel improves its resistance to damage caused by environmental factors, corrosion, and impact. While it is more difficult to polish than other materials, the benefits of polishing it can help save you money in the long run.

As a leading custom stainless steel polishing provider, our in-house polishing area will supply polished stainless steel tubing finished precisely to your specifications.

Custom Stainless Steel Polish

Any of our products can be polished to standard as well as custom finishes. Our various custom stainless steel polishes, custom stainless steel finishes, and satin finishes (180 to 600 Grit ) will produce the perfect polished ornamental tubing. We can buff or polish and buff the finishes of any round, square, rectangular, bar, and angle ornamental stainless tubular products. All of our products can also be supplied polished by our in-house facility.

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