Cutting & Deburring


Stainless Steel Cutting and Deburring Services - Stainless TubularAll of our products can be supplied cut to your specifications. Whether it is one piece or one hundred pieces, you will find our pricing competitive with prompt deliveries.

Abrasive Saw Cut: To 4” Diameter

Band Saw Cut: To 24” Diameter

Cold Saw Cut: To 5” Diameter

We offer Automatic, Hand, and Vibratory Deburring services. 

What is Deburring?

Deburring is the process of removing unwanted material with specialized tools, either by hand, automated or with vibratory methods. The slightest burrs can lead to expensive repercussions. All three methods have their advantages and disadvantages, however, we will explain what each one is below.

Automatic: The operator feeds the cut material through the automated deburring machine one piece at a time, and retrieves them at the other end after the material has been ground and smoothed in a matter of seconds.

Hand: Deburring by hand is self-explanatory. It is the most common method due to its customizability and flexibility. However, it takes the longest time to do.

Vibratory: The material is in a container with tumbling media and is vibrated in a controlled gyratory manner. This makes the media rub against the material, producing a lustrous look on the finished product.

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