Stainless Steel Welded Tubing

Stainless Steel Welded Tubing - Stainless Tubular Products

Stainless Tubular Products stocks a wide variety of Welded Pressure Tubing in various grades, specifications and alloys. Welded tubing is stocked in an extensive array of diameters and wall thicknesses.

The material is manufactured to ASTM A-269, ASTM A-249 or as rolled and welded product.

Stainless Welded Tube - Grades

Nickel alloy grades for welded tubing include: 

  • Alloy 200
  • Alloy 400
  • Alloy 600
  • Alloy 800
  • Hastelloy C-276

Sizes available:

  • 1/16” to 12” outside diameters

Where corrosion resistance and machinability are required stainless welded tubing is most often employed. All our stock can be found in Mill Finish or as polished product and has been used in a number of industries.

Stainless Steel Welded Tubing Applications:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Food & Beverage processing
  • Marine applications
  • Oil & gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power generation

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